Is Bali worth the Instagram hype?

Dec 21, 2018Asia, Travel1 comment

First week in Canggu Bali, chillin’, enjoying good food and family time.

As I said in one of my Instagram posts, I thought that I’ve had enough of Bali, but the minute that I set foot on the island the magic happened once again. This is the place that started my wanderlust. I remember after my first visit, I was so depressed and I cried a lot because I had a taste of the life that I wanted and it was over. Since then I was scheming, plotting and saving to make travel a part of my life. I talk about it here & here as well.

I also thought that Instagram ruined Bali and that YOU’ve had enough of it, but boy was I wrong. I’ve never received that many DMs on Instagram from you asking questions, expressing good thoughts and sharing travel experiences with me.

Bali content schedule

I am sharing daily stories with both curated pictures and spontaneous iphone shots. I’m trying to get as much information out there as I can while the emotions are still raw. Pinning everything on the highlights, so you can get back to it. The daily feed schedule is still going, I hope that you’d continue enjoying the Bali content, that’s what keeps me going in a time where Instagram is a little bit overwhelming.

Bali expat life vs local life

By the way, I made a poll asking if you want more of the expat life: cafés, beaches and good life or more of the local culture. I was so happy to discover that you were interested in the culture as well and that most of you DMed me that you want both.

Some may see the expats staying and investing ins Bali as a form of colonialism, but I see it as a natural evolution of the island. I just wish that they continue keeping and respecting the beautiful culture alive. May the hip surf lifestyle peacefully co-exist with the Balinese traditions! Because guess what? With 5 stars Internationally renown waves, surfing became a part of the Balinese culture and it changed the lives of so many Balinese people.

3$ coconut water at a beach club
Yes… still affordable!
Mie goreng: Indonesian fried noodles
Typical Canggu café breakfast

Is Bali worth the instagram hype?

To the question is Bali worth the Instagram hype? The island got noticeably busier for sure, but it definitely worths the hype. It’s magical place with something for everyone no matter the travel style nor the budget. So get inspired by Instagram and blogs, but tailor your very own Bali trip according to your needs and means.

For example, Canggu area is a place like nowhere else in the world, you can live your best life without being a millionaire, meet interesting people and experience the casual surf lifestyle even if you’re no t a surfer. No fuss, no show off, just good vibes… and did I say good food? 🙂

I wish you happy holidays and a very merry Christmas!

In case you missed it, I shared a stylish traveler gift guide… that you can actually use all year long for inspiration 🙂 I’ll leaver with more pictures from our week in Bali!

Bali magical sunsets

At Cassava, link to the pants: here
Daily coconut water!

xo xo Dalal
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  1. Patty

    I could look at those pictures all day and dream of far-away beaches and the sun on my skin! <3
    It looks absolutely amazing.

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