Peruana: Peruvian cuisine in Costa Rica

Jun 28, 2018America, Travel

Hi loves,

Still from Nosara Costa Rica…

The food scene here is crazy! As I told you in my last post it’s pretty expensive, but everything we tried so far is delicious! From the homemade oatmeal healthy cookies of the organic grocery store to the restaurants, juices, coffee… everything! So today I was really happy to try something different in Peruana.


It’s a casual Peruvian food truck place, where the dishes look like from a guide Michelin restaurant. All the ingredients are high quality and locally sourced. And the prices are pretty fair giving the area rates. I had a “Causa Limeña” and Omar had a delicious sashimi. Everything was very fresh and flavourful and we had an amazing time with Guillermo the owner. He is very passionate about Peruvian cuisine. And fun fact, he invited us to a full moon party nearby tonight! This only happens in surf towns, and that’s one of the hundred things that I love about the surf culture.

Find the restaurant here. Next to Delicias del Mundo mini Market.

Peruvian cuisine

I’m going to be honest, my knowledge about Peruvian food stopped at ceviches. But, the World Travel Awards actually have named Peru the World’s Leading Culinary Destination for six years in a row! I don’t know if I’m just ignorant, or if their competitors are better in marketing their cuisine worldwide, but this was really surprising for me. Peruvian cuisine is complex, high in flavour and very diverse. It’s influenced by the different communities living in Peru: Spanish, Japanese, Chinese… what’s makes it really unique.

We didn’t put Peru on our list of countries to visit yet, but now it is. Don’t get me wrong, I would love to go to each and every country in the world! It’s just that we’re pragmatically starting with the countries where we don’t need a visa, or where we can go with a US or a Schengen visa. Peru is unfortunately not one!

I wish you a beautiful day wherever you are!

xo xo Dalal
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