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Jul 8, 2018America, Travel

San José is really growing on me… It’s artsy, different, hipster, aggressive and eclectic. One of the main things that strikes me here, is the abundance of amazing young entrepreneurs. I am thinking about making a dedicated serie to the subject. This must be my favourite part of long term traveling! You get to meet amazing like-minded people, to be inspired, to discover new concepts and ideas.

Somos Kula! In San José…

Today meet Nicole! 28 years old, entrepreneur, lady-boss and chef who created the amazing Kula concept. An iron fist in a velvet glove from San José, Costa Rica who traveled all over Europe working in different gastronomic restaurants before coming up with her concept. You can’t help but notice the interior design of the place, industrial urban jungle in a small two floors welcoming space.

The café is located North of the city, in the vibrant barrio Amon, near Parque Espana. When we pushed the door of Kula, we were greeted by a smiling Nicole who was making cacao raw energy balls for the day.

Kula offer sandwiches, superfood salads, tartines, soups, dips, vegan and vegetarian options, healthy desserts. All using fresh local organic ingredients They include hints of traditional Costa Rican (Tico) cuisine into our modern way of eating.

Healthy lunch

When I’m in an exciting place, I love having different meals to share. We started with cold pressed ginger shots (we are probably  immune against the cold for the season). Then, we had a creamy pumpkin soup, topped with watercress and served in cozy enamel mugs. Along with an open corn sandwich served with corn tortilla chips and the best pesto I’ve ever had. A superfood salad: Quinoa, lettuce, watermelon, feta, sprouts, kumquats, nuts, cabbage and a delicious almond milk based dressing.Vegan spring rolls with tamari sauce, I keep the sesame seed coating idea in my books 😉 Cor Cor* cold pressed juices, the yellow one with pineapple, grapefruit and ginger is a kick of flavour, I love it!

In a lot of healthy cafés, while the ingredients are fresh, colourful and nutritious, they often lack in flavour and seasoning. In Kula, a special attention was given to salad dressings, dips, sauces and seasoning. It’s probably due to Nicole’s experience in gastronomic restaurants. As I always state when I review restaurants,  even the most elaborate dish can be ruined by something as small as lacking salt… Himalayan salt in our case 🙂

*Cor Cor in Tico slang means: one-shot!

I hope that you traveled with us during this culinary journey. I left Kula with a full belly, a happy face and a ton of inspiration.

Nicole, 28 yo: chef & lady-boss 

Parka jacket: Riva fashion/ Top: DIY / Skirt: Vertiche Mx / Sneakers: Tommy Hilfiger/ Lipstick matte: Sephora

xo xo Dalal
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