Capra: vegan temple food in San José Costa Rica

Jul 20, 2018America, Travel

The entrepreneur serie and inspiration continues. Today I’m taking you to our cantina in San José, we’ve been to this place so many times during our stay. Everything is vegan, fresh, different and made with love. The Capra experience is one way ticket to a Krishna relaxing temple.

Location: San José Province, San Pedro, Costa Rica

Busy bees!

The entrepreneur/ chef of the day

Alejandra Mortiz, chef and owner got her inspiration from temple food. I love to call her cuisine “Karma food”! That makes her laugh every time! I had a hard time getting her to be in this article though. She said: content and photography is your job, you can’t do this for free! I insisted, telling her that she inspires me a lot, I love her cuisine and it’s kind of my job to share the best tips and amazing places and that I’m doing these series anyway!

So meet Alejandra, peaceful loving being. Young entrepreneur, who cooks, serves, meets and greets her customers everyday with a big smile on her face. She works alone most of the time in her little cosy restaurant, but the day of the shoot she brought her mama and aunt and they were so excited to see the pictures and so proud of their amazing Alejandra.

Alejandra Mortiz: chef & restaurant owner

Vegan temple food in San José

Alejandra quote: The restaurant was born in a humble way and from my trip to the Hare Krishna temple in Guadalajara Mexico. There I understood the greatest expression of love !!! The greatest expression of affection, I agreed that an artist should be humble, that people to create art should not have Ego! In this way the way to create tasty, juicy, spicy food should be delivered with kindness! For god, and then for all the people … This is why Capra only serves food with love.

Plato del dia: dish of the day

Our go-to order was the daily menu, which starts with a sopita, a small bowl of spicy soup to wake your tastebuds. The main is a vegan Indian inspired bowl different everyday but with usually a legume based protein, a fresh salad, a vegetable curry, rice and/or pita bread. All served with a chai infused water. Alejandra always offers us a gluten-free, sugar-free vegan pastry, cookie or anything she experiments in the kitchen to go with our after-meal coffee. The menu costs 3000 Colones (6 USD). Which is a rare breed in the expensive Costa Rica, especially if you want vegan, healthy, nutritious food that does you body good.

The restaurant is full by noon, so we usually come around 2-3 pm since we are flexible and kind of intermittent fasting. We loved having our meals with Krishna music and a subtle scent of incense.

Capra signature dishes


Fried palmitos

Heart of palms curry tempura. (on the left).

Pineapple curry

Sweet and savoury flavour kick served with basmati rice.

Spaghetti pomodoro

Chickpea gluten free spaghetti with a creamy tomato sauce, melted vegan cheese (I need to make my own asap!), and basil. Did I tell you that Costa Rican basil is the best I’ve ever tasted? The pesto sauce in here is incredible!

And the dessert that brings most of the crowd in here…

Chia pudding succulent

A base of vanilla chia pudding, topped with a chocolate cake crumble and a vegan basil buttercream shaped into a succulent. You can notice everyone taking a picture of this amazing creation and having a hard time digging in because it’s clearly too beautiful to eat.

Temple food brought to you by Capra. Namasté!


Don’t mind my guilty look, this is a guilt-free pasta!

And apologies for showing so much delicious food form afar 🙂 I feel you, it’s going to be hard on me too when I will get back to the articles.

I hope that these serie and these amazing young entrepreneurs inspire you as much as they inspire me. The serie continues, and I could’ve spend an extra month doing just that in San José: interviewing business owners, shooting new concepts and sharing their stories with the world. That makes my work have all its meaning.

Pura vida!

xo xo Dalal
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