Hello Costa Rica!

Jun 26, 2018America, Travel

First day in Nosara surf town in Costa Rica… after two days of tedious travel from Merida-Mexico.

We had few hours of sleep yesterday in San José before taking a long 7 hours bus ride to Nosara. I don’t know if we stayed in the wrong neighbourhood to be close to the bus station, but San José didn’t feel really safe… I’m really happy to find a completely different atmosphere in Nosara.

What strikes me the most about Costa Rica is the nature! I’ve never seen that much green per square meter in my life. The Costa Rican jungles are very lush and you can spot mountains and volcanos surrounded by dramatic clouds almost everywhere. The hikes must be glorious (the mosquitoes too!).

Nosara surf town in Costa Rica

Nosara is no exception, everything is green. We are staying at La Negra surf house, a typical cool surfer’s hideout. Even if it’s raining a little bit, the first thing we did is to go to the beach, which is 2 min away from our hotel… do I need to say that it’s surrounded by green beautiful trees of all sorts?

After that, we had Buddha bowls for lunch and walked around the town. Surf, yoga and whole foods seem to be the motto here. Everyone is wearing flip-flops or walking barefoot. The dress code is simple: denim shorts, tank tops, tie-dye cotton dresses and a surfboard as an accessory.

You can easily find plant based clean milks, tofu, wholesome cookies and everything trendy and healthy. But it’s as expensive as Europe.

I am going to be very happy this week and I needed such a break! I’ve been feeling a little low on energy lately and I need some time to feel grounded, get back to yoga, the beach and the things that make my routine.

But in order to see the real Costa Rica, this is clearly not the place to be. Like every surf colony around the world, it’s completely taken over by expats. Everyone speaks English and we hardly saw anything Costa Rican so far in here.

I am very excited to start my day tomorrow… and report back! The daily blog posts continue and sorry for the interruption due to travel and extreme fatigue.

Morning emails and coffee spot

The pool area @ La Negra

Wholesome sea salt and raw cacao cookies

Much needed vegetables

xo xo Dalal
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