Easy everyday curly hairstyle tutorials using a hair stick

Oct 10, 2018Beauty, Style

Today’s article is a partnership with Saya designs

Saya designs ethical work

Saya designs in an amazing company that makes hair accessories from recycled salvaged wood in Indonesia. And for each purchase a donation is made to replant trees.This is an ethical business that makes a change and I love supporting these projects. You can read more in depth about their work in the “Our ethos” category on their website.

Hair stick or hair pin: the perfect accessory for curly hair

Curly hair is beautiful! It has texture, it has volume and it doesn’t need much on styling in my opinion. But sometimes, you want a change, or you simply need to put your wild curls away when it’s too hot or when you’re working. In the video below, I am showing you very easy hairstyles, to change things up for your curly hair. So you guessed it right, the hair stick is my new favourite hair staple!

This ancient method is not only way more chic than elastic hair ties that we wear on a daily basis, but it also respects your hair movement and actually enhances the volume and everything that makes curly hair beautiful. Adding to that, curly hair having so much texture, the hair sticks hold easier on your hair without having to tie it too hard.

Wooden hair sticks and hair forks

So those are the accessories that I chose from Saya Designs. They come in a beautiful case made from a recyclable material, almost like a jewelry case. And a cotton pouch. This is the kind of accessory that you can keep for life. And I personally think that it would make an amazing gift for your best friend, for mother’s day, Christmas… and so on. They are all made of rosewood and tamarind:

The double pandans

The Taro

The chanang hair fork

Since I am using hair sticks I got rid of the ugly hair ties that you caught me with in some pictures in my blog. And it doesn’t tear my hair out nor leave the ugly elastic mark. Curly hair also breaks easily, so this is the perfect way to give your hair a break. Once you try it, you will never do your buns any other way.

I made a step by step video tutorial and pinnable images, so whatever type of content you prefer, you are served.

3 Easy everyday curly hairstyles

Everyday high bun updo for curly hair

Bohemian chic updo for curly hair

A Half up half down hair style for curly hair

I am so happy with this partnership and I can’t wait to see this brand grow and reinvent the hair stick. I am sure that it will soon be a staple. There are more hair tutorials for different hairstyles on their website, I am going to link it dow below. Follow them on Instagram, they have the most beautiful minimalist, ethnic chic visuals.

They also offer a free worldwide shipping and you can practice on your hair with chopsticks or pens while you wait for your order.

This article is sponsored by Saya Designs

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