Spring transition: Mustard, white and travel plans

Mar 26, 2018Fashion, Style

Sweater: Urban outfitters/ Pants: Riva fashion/ Basket bag & babouches: Moroccan market/ Sunnies: La Mona Checa / Watch: Daniel Wellington (-15% with code DALADW)

J-7 before our big adventure….

I announced on Instagram last week that we are going to Cuba to shoot a video for Rivafashion again. We will then stay for an indefinite period to explore Central America. The next stop is Mexico city and after that I would really love to spend time in Sayulita. It’s a small surf village with a bohemian traveler vibe that sounds like a place where I belong.One of my major goals in this trip is to surf, I want to reconnect with the water and find a way to include this amazing activity in my if-not-daily, weekly life. Meanwhile, in Bouznika, March is playing its old tricks. Alternating tee-shirt weather with the occasional stormy days. But I am craving more colours, especially in sunny days like this one.

Professional wild child

We are in full work and preparation mode. I am also receiving one of my favourite youtubers on Thursday. Zoë: Professional wild child. We’re going to split our time between Bouznika and Rabat at my mom in law’s, since she lives closer to the city centre. I guess that Zoë would love to see more than Bouznika beach for her first stay in Morocco :-)))

Riva fashion

One of the thing I love the most about Riva, is how their pants fit me perfectly. I have an hourglass shape, small waist and full hips and bootie, and I rarely find perfect fitting pants. Even less when I order online… Look at this pants for example, I thought that I didn’t like white jeans until I spotted this flattering culotte cut. They fit perfectly!! Even their slim cut jeans are perfect, I am going to shoot a packing video/ trailer before we fly and you’ll see more of the collection before Cuba. These pants are the perfect transition piece to brighten our remaining cozy, warm outfits. I can’t wait to show you the rest of the collection. I am wearing it with my favourite accent colour: Mustard.

Basket bag love…

Fashion-wise, spring for me equals basket bags. I I wrote an article last summer praising this low key fashion item that I love very much. Especially that I can score them for ridiculously cheap prices in Morocco. Read the article here. I paired them with Moroccan babouches to complete the homage to my heritage.

I hope that you are enjoying these spring days and the extra hour of light that comes with it… I must be one of the rare people excited about the summertime changing hour.

xo xo Dalal
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