Why a basket bag is the trend you need this summer?

Jun 28, 2017Fashion, Style18 comments

Unless you have been cut out from social media for the last months, you surely noticed the flow of basket bags all over blogs and magazines.  Personally, I don’t like the refined ones, I prefer a more rustic natural look like this one from Free People. But, every designer has its say when it comes to the humble basket bag, weather it’s the Prada sleek version or the gypsy embellished D&G version… There is a basket bag for all tastes and all budgets starting 15 $.

Initially, the basket bag take its roots from the coastal Mediterranean culture: Greece, Spain, Morocco, Malta… I actually found my basket crush in a Moroccan market (article here). If I’m not mistaken, it’s Jane Birkin who inspired the current trend; she used to wear a picnic basket as a day bag back in the 70’s. So, if you are still not convinced, here are some additional reasons to adopt this trend from now on:

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#Neutral and versatile

A basket bag can literally go with everything and brighten up any outfit, from the beach to the city. I dare you to find one colour or fabric that does not fit a basket bag.


Being neutral, you can customize it however you want: add tassels or/and pompons, tie a printed scarf to the handles or put a sticker on it for a more urban look.

#Large shopping bag

Most basket bags are large, and can work as a shopping bag or a beach bag. I even carry my laptop in my bigger one. Perfect for those days where you have to juggle between different activities.

#Effortless chic

A basket bag adds an instant bohème-effortless-chic vibe à la Française. French it-girls swear by it: Jeanne Damas, Jane Birkin (OK she’s not really French but still embodies that French touch), Garance Doré

#Vegan and eco-friendly

It’s one extra-occasion to be stylish while doing good to the planet. The bag is actually 100% vegan, weather it’s straw, woven or wicker made.

#Great home decor

No need to store them in a closet. Basket bags make a cute decor just hanged on a wall, or decorating your wardrobe. They add an instant cottage chic vibe to the room.

Basket bags selection for all budgets

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  1. Mia

    I love my woven basket tote that I bought for the season! I almost bought one in Paris on sale, but I ended up buying one by the beach in Valencia, Spain for only 12€! I might buy another one before I leave!!

    • justdalal

      Those are the prices We usually pay for a basket in the Mediterranean, but since it’s all over fashion weeks the prices increased haha!

  2. Claire - Heart Handmade UK

    I love too many of those bags. I have large basket bags that I use to store yarn but I love the bag you have in the photos. You are so gorgeous! The location is rather stunning too. I’m going to check out the Oblong shopper basket 🙂

    • justdalal

      It’s one of my favourites too <3 Thanks Claire!

  3. Kristen

    The basket bags are cute and perfect for summer. I also like the Madewell one.

    • justdalal

      Yes Madewells are really great <3

  4. Anuradha Manjul

    Perfect option for a everything in my bag kind girl. I love carrying a lot of stuff​ in my bag and am always on a look out for big but trendy looking bag. Basket bags are perfect

    • justdalal

      Yes we should have a basket fan club <3 Thank you Anura

  5. Erin Sotto

    You make a gorgeous model! I totally support the idea of going zero waste with a basket bag!

    • justdalal

      Zero waste with style <3 Thank you for your comment Erin

  6. Beth

    That is such a cute bag! I love the colour versatility – it’ll go with almost anything!

    • justdalal

      Thank you Beth <3

  7. Umberta

    I love baskets for summer. It’s the perfect bag to go on the beach! I just bought a basket too cute from Hipanema for this summer! So happy about it! :))

    • justdalal

      It’s the perfect summer accessory. Thanks for passing by Umberta <3

  8. Oummey

    I think I’ll go get my self one of these, too 😀
    love the post ans the new website design
    xoxo Oummey

    • justdalal

      Thanks sweetie ?

  9. Neha Rai

    Basket bags for the summer, a great idea indeed. It really goes well with the summer collection of clothes which are also awesome indeed.

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