17 cozy things to do on a rainy weekend

Feb 12, 2017Home, Life, Style

Isaac Mizrahi slippers miraculously thrifted brand new, similar here

Rainy days for me are a good excuse to quit social life and to-do lists for a while. It’s the perfect occasion to rest and have some quality me-time. I usually burn a scented candle or incense, bundle up in a blanket, make a hot drink and catch up on my readings, watch a movie or just day-dream about future projects and destinations.

You probably heard about the top internet trend Hygge thanks to this book: The Little Book of Hygge: Danish Secrets to Happy Living. In my recent short trip to Danemark, I ceased the opportunity to analyze the connection that Danish people have with all things cozy. I will tell you more about that after I finish the book.

Long story short, Hygge is the art of coziness (even if it’s not the perfect translation for there is no exact equivalent in English actually). On the other hands in the Netherlands they call it Gezellig (pronounce Khezellekh) and in Sweden Mysig.

Basically, the more a country is cold in temperature, the more it gets creative in cozy lifestyle and indoors activities.

Here are the things I enjoy doing at home on a rainy day. My husband is truly convinced that I have a cat soul, because I like all things fluffy, soft and cozy (or maybe because I am moody ?)

# Meal prep or try a new recipe 

# Start a movie or serie marathon

# Enjoy cozy fuzzy slippers

# Try Pinterest DIYs

# Read a book

# Try new tea fragrances or experiment on hot drinks

# Enjoy a long bath with scented candles

# Home SPA

# Make a vision board or a creative collage

# Declutter (okey, this probably doesn’t sound like a fun activity, but I really enjoy getting rid of useless stuff and detox my home)

# Practice yoga at home with youtube courses (favourite ones in this article)

# Try meditation

# Revive old hobbies and passions that I don’t have time for anymore: Guitar, knitting, painting…

# Organize my digital files in computers and hard drives

# Look for new bloggers to follow on Bloglovin

# Read old magazines

# Move things around in your home (my husband’s least favourite activity)

For me nothing embodies the spirit of coziness and a modern bohemian lifestyle more than Urban Outfitters. So here is a dreamy collage of UO picks that makes me crave rainy days…


All from Urban Outfitters: Kilim rugHide rug/UO candles Latte mug /Throw blanket /Black corded strings/Vintage world map/The Little Book of Hygge/Tassel pillows

Picks from my Pinterest board of coziness

I wish you all a very cozy weekend. If you have other activities or any inspiring thought to share about the subject leave a comment ?

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