Travel plans part 1. road trip vibe in an abandoned gas station

Aug 6, 2017Fashion, Journal, Life, Style10 comments

Following this article, and our new way of life I am sharing today the first part of our travel. July and August are not the best months to book a round the world flight ticket or any other ticket for that matter! So we decided to do something that was on my bucket list since forever. A local road trip here in Morocco!

It means no rushed weekend escapes anymore… Only us, the road, a map, some good music and absolutely no plans.

During the trip we are collaborating with gorgeous riads and hotels in the big cities… from budget to splurge. You know my motto, life is a balancing act! In between, we are also preparing my beloved old Twingo car to host us for a night or two in case we need it, or just for the sake of to try it and report back. All thanks to an amazing video found on Youtube: here... Don’t you wanna sleep in your car after watching it? It looks like such a cozy nook! Road trip starts next week. First stop in Marrakech and then we will continue our way south, experiencing the joys of slow travel: working on the road, discovering deserted beaches, surfing, longboarding, meditating, taking our time, setting up picnics, reading, getting inspired, reconnecting with nature, and discovering a different Morocco far from the stressful cities.

Having no plan also means that we are open to suggestions, so feel free to drop a comment ?

My Pinterest is running in full speed right now. I am naturally looking for packing tips and inspiration to travel efficiently without compromising on style. I will share my packing list soon… and let you know on the road what was really useful and what was not.

Otherwise, how cool is this abandoned gas station?


xo xo Dalal



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  1. Married With Passports

    Wishing you all the best in the world with the trip! I tend to love the idea of a photoshoot in an abandoned gas station, very original 🙂

    Keep well!

    Alan & Tiffany

    • JustDalal

      Thank you Alan & Tiffany I hope that you will enjoy the road trip articles <3

  2. Raouaa

    Great pictures !
    Enjoy your road trip 😉
    For your first stop, I wonder if you will be looking for a photographer in Marrakech !

    • JustDalal

      Hi Raouaa, thank you for your comment <3 I would love to see your work and discuss a collab. Here is my email:

  3. thakickfiend

    sound like you guys had a ton of fun,great post and thanks for sharing the experience with us.

    • JustDalal

      Thank you for your comment 🙂

  4. Bernardo Faria

    I love those pics so much! They look so vintage, so pretty!
    Have an awesome road trip, I’m looking forward for more pics!

    • JustDalal

      I am glad you enjoyed the post thank you Bernardo!

  5. Amor de Viaje

    Love your pics!! Keep posting 🙂

    • JustDalal

      Thank you <3


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