A Beach walk and a dress story

Dec 6, 2017 | Fashion, Style |

This post is sponsored by Olaf Design Studio

Olaf Design Studio (ODS) is an Australian ethical fashion brand based in Brisbane. They make everything locally and promote a sustainable production and a mindful consumption philosophy.

Ethical fashion

Ethical fashion brands are usually a bit higher in price. That’s actually the true cost of clothes when they are not made in a sweatshop. You know the tiny workshops where people work in inhumane conditions. Above all, the ethical clothes you buy are so better in quality! They are meant to last a long time and usually don’t follow the seasonal moving collections of fast fashion. I love working and supporting this kind of businesses! If you are interested in the subject, I can do a whole blog post about it. We can actually help each other to gradually do a full transition to ethical fashion… Unfortunately, I am not a 100% there either unfortunately. For a start, I recommend you to watch the famous documentary: “The True cost”.

The willow dress

ODS is the perfect travel-friendly brand, Their designs are simple, timeless and versatile. All their clothes are made of quality fabrics that are friendly to animals and the environment. I picked a design called the willow dress. It’s a simple slip-on dress made of the most delicate crepe fabric. It’s so loose and flowy, and subtly shows the curves when you walk. I will get a lot of wear of the dress that’s for sure! Over a t-shirt with converse sneakers for a grungy look. Or belted with heels for a casual night out. A fall look with a wool sweater over…

ODS breezy and effortless selection of clothes inspires carefree summer days filled with beach walks and outdoors gatherings.


I have the chance to currently live by the sea. While it’s so easy to get lost in the day-to-day life, I try to get us out at the beach at least twice a week. Whether for a morning coffee, a sunset walk, or to buy some fresh fish from the fishermen. In fact, I can’t picture myself living in a non-coastal town. Truly, I suffocate when there isn’t a beach around. Even if I don’t go often, I just need to know it’s there.

I hope you will enjoy the pictures. And check out Olaf Design Studio, and let’s start the ethical journey one step at a time.

xo xo Dalal
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