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Hello from Mexico city!

We just got back from Havana, where we had no wifi for a week. I realise how fast-paced our wifi lives are! So many things happened online while I was away. It was really refreshing to see people living their lives without constantly looking on their phones. But I will tell you more about that in the Havana article.

Since the Havana article is a city guide and sponsored by Riva fashion, it will take more time. So I was thinking about starting to share more live action from our trip, while my impressions are still fresh and vivid. So, sorry if it doesn’t make chronological sense… In addition, my hard drive crashed with my pictures from Miami, the article is ready but without the pictures. I will try to find a place that can retrieve my data tomorrow and let’s hope for the best.

We arrived in Mexico city yesterday night, we didn’t do much other than unpacking, settling… and eating tacos for dinner! The tacos were from a small taqueria near our hostel, extremely delicious and cheap! We had eight tacos for 75 pesos (4 USD).

How to get there?

Mexico airport is a major International airport with a lot of very efficient local airlines. We booked our flight with Interjet and it was one of the best plane we’ve ever tried. I am probably biased, because they had me with the legroom, important when you’re tall and flying coach. From the following choices:

1. TAXI from the airport (15-17usd for a car with 3 passengers)

2. METROBUS ( 3 usd per person)

3. METRO: ( 1 usd per person)

4. Hotel pickup (40 usd for a car with 3 passengers)… I really don’t get why?

5. The one we used, the cheapest and the best… Uber! It cost us around 5 USD, yes less than the bus with complimentary water bottles and plenty local tips from the driver.

Where we are staying?

Casa San Ildefonso

We are staying at Casa San Ildefonso, a hostel in El Centro Historico. I saw the pictures on Booking, but they definitely don’t do this place justice. It looks like a vintage mansion/ museum with high ceilings, a large Spanish patio with ferns and orange trees, an art deco shared living room with beautiful paintings and a well provided library. There is always a beautiful calming music playing in the common areas, we couldn’t hope for a better place to work.

This place is exactly the “home away from home” that we need right now! There is a lot of work to catch up on and content to organise, so we will not be able to visit a lot in the first days… and it’s okay. Mexico city is the kind of Metropol where it’s easy to get into your daily routine, not very touristic and it already set us into a productive mood. We are happy to have a big outdoors space to work in within our hostel, so it still feels like we’re away from home.

I was also surprised by the room, above the amazing vintage furniture collection, we actually have a living room of our own so can we call in a suite? Even if it’s a hostel? :p I know vintage grand parents outdated furniture is not for everyone, but you know how I love all things old and vintage.

… And as always, location is my first criteria when I book accommodation, and it’s the best.


Mexico city

I will certainly not pretend to know much about the city yet, but I can already tell that the centro historico is very beautiful. The city is often overlooked by tourists, but I heard a lot of positive feedbacks from digital nomads, who spent a long time in Mexico city. As a huge metropol who has more than 10 Millions habitants, and its reputation I expected something different. The big metropols that I know are usually very busy, fast paced and a little bit polluted and lets say it… dirty! I am comparing to Bangkok, Casablanca and even Paris! Well I don’t know if it’s because it’s the old part of the town, but it’s very clean and peaceful. It’s still very vibrant, with a lot of well-known retail stores, food stalls, cafés, tons os stores with Chinese goods and tons of jewellery stores. I need to read more about the gold business in Mexico. I also noticed a lot of magazine stands, in every corner… unfortunately all in Spanish. And my Spanish is only good enough to order food! The architecture as a whole have a strong Spanish look.

The weather feels more like spring, the temperature is around 18°C, so our Caribbean summer is over.

I can’t wait to visit the Frida museum

View of the cathedral

A plethora of local magazines, I will buy one for our next long commute to practice my Spanish



My only concern, is that I will probably get fat in Mexico! I love Mexican food, when I travel to big cities I usually look for the best Mexican restaurants… and here I am in Mexico now, and it’s even better than I expected. There is food everywhere, and I want to try it all! We had lunch Café El Popular. I decided to try the dishes that I hear the most about in the movies: Mole enchiladas and pollo chilaquiles. Don’t be fooled by the look of it and the bad lighting, it was extremely good!

After that we found a small shop that sell desserts: flans, jellies, lemon custards, tapioca puddings, yogurt parfaits…. and natural fruit popsicles! They are called: Paletas, just like the ones that I found in Whole Foods in Miami. I took the strawberry kiwi one, but I still prefer the mango popsicle, it really tastes like a frozen ripe mango. My next one will be the whole frozen bananas with dark chocolate.

The dessert shop

Enchiladas y Chilaquiles at The café popular

It’s time to get back to work, but before I am having dinner while watching the last episode of Top Chef #grannylife

Tacos from the same nearby Taqueria

See you soon!


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xo xo Dalal
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  1. karima

    Oh that fruit popsicles look soooo good!

  2. Jade P.

    Everything looks amazing…but the popsicles!!!!!! There are similar shops in Berlin that have them, but for the majority they taste bland (german fruits -_-!)
    Enjoy this amazing trip and looking forward the Frida museum part 😀

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