Visual story: Metropol parasol in Seville

Dec 29, 2017Europe, Travel

I didn’t want to clutter the “Seville guide” article, so I am sharing additional pictures of Metropol parasol in this dedicated article.

Traveling is definitely a subjective experience, if I listened to trip advisor reviews, I would’ve skip Metropol Parasol. Hopefully I followed my instinct and I was pleasantly surprised. I found this landmark so different and refreshing. Especially that I had an overdose of touristic historic sites, that end up looking very similar and sometimes not relatable.

Whenever I am in a beautiful historical city, I am sad about the fact that we don’t build landmarks for posterity anymore. Monuments and sites that tell our story and stand the test of time. Well this site proved me wrong, it’s a modern architecture gem, and it will certainly become an icon of our era. I will add that to my list of recent monuments that future generations will enjoy, besides the “African Renaissance Monument” in Dakar.

Honestly, this is my best sightseeing experience. The wooden structure is impressive from below and the view is absolutely breathtaking. A gigantic piece of art that contrasts with the old architecture of the neighbourhood. Did I mention the bar on the top, where you can enjoy a 360 sunset view of Seville while sipping on a drink. It’s the best to unwind after a tiring day of walking and sightseeing.




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