Thailand : Koh Tao day 1

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Thailand (Suite)

…We booked a bus & ferry from Bangkok to Koh Tao. The bus stops at Lomprayah harbour and transfer to a direct speed boat to Koh Tao.

Koh means island in Thai, so almost all the island names begin with Koh. Tao means turtle, so Koh Tao is literally Turtle Island. We were advised by backpackers to go there instead of Koh Samui and Koh Pha ngan, which are more developed and touristy islands.

Scuba diving

Koh Tao is known for scuba diving, a lot of tourists and expats go there to pass the PADI. Obviously, the island offers more affordable classes than anywhere else in the world. The packages start at 3000 Baht (around 85$), so it is still a consequent budget to plan for an eventual trip. Unfortunately we didn’t have much time, so we preferred discovering the island. We were only staying 10 days in Thailand (which is a big country) and the PADI would have taken half of it at the very least. This definitely would be an excuse to come back.

Sairee beach

When you reach the harbour, due to travel fatigue you will be tempted to stay in a hut just right there. Don’t! Go to Sairee beach instead, that is where the most beautiful beaches and hikes begins and where the action happens at night. We had breakfast near the harbour though since we were very hungry.


We found a front beach hostel at Sairee beach. Accommodation is very affordable (around 12 $ a night if you don’t look for resorts kind of stay). We unpacked and went exploring. As you can see in the pictures, “western” summer is not the best season to visit Thailand beaches, it was a bit cloudy and consequently the water wasn’t very clear. But it was still very warm, enjoyable and marvellous.

Thailand tropical nature is a gem, whenever you turn your head you see lush greeneries and palm trees, surrounded by mountains, cliffs, hills and sea. The beach was amazing, postcard likely and there was a couple of swings hanging in palm trees in the wild.



In terms of food options you will notice more western restaurants near the beach, you have to wander in small streets or walk further to find some amazing cheap and delicious Thai food restaurants.

We spent the afternoon discovering Sairee beach and wandering around.

Koh Tao delivers amazing sunsets, check out The Whitening Bar if you are up for a romantic sunset drink session or a dinner (they can set a decor on the beach, with a romantic table setting all white and lace <3)

Amazing sunset

DSC00013-7 DSC00003-8

Rock Bar

In the evening we had dinner in a small Thai restaurant, I can’t understand much on the menu but whatever I ordered was extremely delicious!! Thai food is amazing!

After that we had drinks at the Rock bar, which was literally a bar near a huge Rock (picture below), feet ticked in the sand, fresh drinks and a fire show.

DSC00028-4Fire dance

xo xo Dalal



  1. Erika Ravnsborg

    A beautiful place. Thailand is on my bucket list for sure.


      Thank you Erika <3


      Thank you Jill <3

  2. Gemma

    Wow! Your pictures make me want to go back there!

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