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Jan 4, 2018Home, Style

Hi loves,

As I told you in a previous article, we just moved into a small apartment in Bouznika that we had to furnish it from scratch on a budget… since we have other financial priorities for now, like traveling and sustaining our freelancing life. But even on a budget, I had to make our nest the cosiest possible, especially that we spend a lot of time home. I am finally pretty satisfied with the results… hopefully, because my husband can’t stand me changing things up anymore :-p

We are now reaching the final touches and this is pretty much all what we still “need”. Since I spend a lot of time researching inspiration and articles online, I thought I’d make a collage to share here. One, because I love making collages 😀 Two because I am really starting to enjoy sharing daily small things in here and not only on Instagram. Sometimes, I am so hard on my self regarding what I post on the blog that I end up not sharing a lot of things. So, I’ve decided to take the matter more lightly and be more spontaneous. Probably the new year’s positive effect… you know this reset feeling.

However, in times where super fast competitive Instagram taking over, it’s not easy to maintain and grow a quality blog. And the changes of algorithms and lack of engagement is not the best of motivations either. While a lot of bloggers dropped their blog for Instagram I am actually doing the opposite. This maybe has to do with the fast that I am a relatively new at this, so I understand that some amazing bloggers got tired or frustrated and prefer the easy way.

Back to our subject, here is my little wishlist. I tried more bold colours in this apartment compared to our city apartment, but I am getting back to my old habits of neutrals. I really find neutrals more chic and airy, especially in small spaces, and you can get away with cheaper items making them look more stylish.

Those items are mostly for inspiration I am trying to get as much as I can thrifted or locally handmade…. good for the budget, the environment and helping local creators.

By the way, let me know if you want me to share snaps of our apartment!

  1. Handmade Natural Jute Rug for our dining area. We already have a Moroccan rug, but it’s too small
  2.  Ikea STRANDMON footstool (it costs twice the price locally in Morocco :p)
  3. Moroccan teapot… yeah shame on me! I should get out right now and buy one!
  4. An extra faux fur throw blanket, for extra cosiness and movie winter nights. A similar to this beautiful (but expensive one) from UGG
  5. Hand painted plates
  6. Boho accent pillows
  7. Cutting boards to serve appetisers 
  8. Hand blown drinking glasses for juice, water…
  9. Bamboo knife set
  10. Jars… because I never have enough jars for my grains, legumes, granola, dried fruits…
  11. Bamboo trays
  12. Comfy design chair for the home office
  13. Farm dining table, this one I will probably find it second had or vintage

Finally, I love how functional this Ikea stackable bed below is. It would be just perfect for our office/ guest room.

xo xo Dalal
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