Lace skirt and gold wedges

Jun 5, 2017Fashion, Style24 comments

Hi lovelies,

I recently find this gorgeous midi lace skirt in a thrift market. It feels so me and so right for my actual carefree fashion mood. These sandals are from Michael Kors and the bag from Zara, but I think it’s sold out, I couldn’t manage to find it online. I bought the bag in Berlin during winter sale, I absolutely love it! It’s kind of a vintage tapestry fabric with gold details, insects and cool stuff.The belt is from Parfois. Anyway, as usual I found you a similar look. I hope you’ll enjoy this spring look.

Life update

I am adjusting to my new life and try to not get anxious about what’s coming next. Aside from working on our travel plans and freelance projects, I established a new routine: regular yoga and workout, daily walks, and as you can see in my Insta stories, I am having a lot of fun with my longboard. About longboarding, I have been looking for a hard Iphone case to take pictures whilst skating, without having my phone broken in case of an incident. The ones I usually find in stores or online are bulky and not very design… You know me! Even for practical daily items, I like my things good looking. So when I found Rhinoshield I immediately contacted them for a collaboration. I just received my monochrome marble case and I love it! I will do a full blog post next week. Stay tuned…

Isn’t the Asos pastel mint lace skirt so cute?


xo xo Dalal



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  1. Kennedy

    These photos are so gorgeous! Love the midi skirt!

    • justdalal

      Many thanks <3

  2. lindsay

    i love the photography of your blog!

    • justdalal

      This makes me so happy <3

  3. silvia iorgu

    Really great post, that outfit looks amazing on you! I love that Melow World bag by the way <3

    • justdalal

      Thank you Silvia <3

  4. Piper Ellice

    So pretty! I really love those wedges–my fave!
    Piper Ellice
    Starting Out Southern Blog @
    FB | Insta | Snap | Twitter: @piperellice

    • justdalal

      Thank you Piper <3

  5. fumiko

    Your fashion is really nice!Thank you for sharing! The skirt you wear, the flowers behind you is really cute!! i’ll keep your fashion in mind!

    • justdalal

      Thank you so much Fumiko <3

  6. Gillian

    What a lovely ensemble! That purse is the perfect accessory too!

    • justdalal

      Thank you Gillian <3

  7. Kim

    This length looks lovely on you. I feel like I am too short to pull off that length. I love the way you paired it with the tee.

    • justdalal

      I love toning down feminine clothes. Thank you Kim <3

    • justdalal

      Thanks Suzanne <3

  8. Amanda Dyer

    Gorgeous editorial pictures. I absolutely love the purse.

    • justdalal

      Wow! Thanks Amanda <3

  9. Mandy Allen

    That’s a sweet skirt and the shoes and bag go so well with it.

    Enjoy the journey!

    • justdalal

      I am looking forward to it. Thanks Mandy <3

  10. aareeba

    Your outfit looks perfect for summer, i totally love the skirt <3

    • justdalal

      Thank you so much <3

    • justdalal

      Thank you so much <3 I appreciate it!


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