Rattan & blue: living room beach house makeover

Jun 24, 2016Home, Style

Hi lovelies, we are currently updating the family beach house look. Unfortunately, we can’t do much with space rearrangement. Since the cottage was prefabricated, it is dangerous to remove walls, but we will do our best. I use Polyvore and boards in general to check if the items I choose match together. The space should be comfortable, functional, minimal and with a beach vibe.
There is a big living room with a beach view, but unfortunately it is a closed area. The plan is to have a lounging leisure space like the board above, plus a dining/ work space big table with benches and probably a statement chair. We want a place where everyone can hang out, enjoy the beautiful natural lighting and the beach view obviously.  I will share some pictures once it is done. Meanwhile, here is the actual space, as you can see there is too much couch space. The couch is a little outdated even if I love the beachy-70’s fabric. I can’t wait to see the hanging chair in action, too bad the roof is not reliable enough to hang it in the living room, we have to make an iron stand with the great side effect of being able to move the hanging chair outside, a five stars reading nook!

Let me know what you think about the board, and I am very open to suggestions especially if it is on the affordable, recycling side 😀

This is the before…

xo xo Dalal




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