The best weekend escape destination: Tarifa

Oct 20, 2017Europe, Travel4 comments

First stop of our roadtrip: lunch in Tarifa…


We only spent a couple hours in the city, but it struck me so much that I wanted to dedicate a whole blog post to tell you about it.

I knew Tarifa for its well known International kite surfing spots, but I didn’t expect it to be that cosmopolitan and hype. With a light touch of a laid-back boho surf vibe, needless to say, I loved Tarifa! It’s one of the closest Spanish cities to Morocco, so I don’t know how I missed it all these years?!! I guess we are so looking for exotic things further away that we sometimes forget to check what’s just around the corner.

Anyway, it would make a great long weekend escape: surf, sun, boho shopping, tapas and good vibes. What else? Added to that, it seemed like a digital-nomad-friendly city.

We actually had lunch at a very local tapas bar (chosen randomly), and it ended up to be one of the best tapas restaurants we tried during the trip. We were the only “tourists”there and the restaurant has that vibrant spanish warm touch. It seemed like the customers were regulars and pretty much all know each other, talking loudly from table to table, passing orders to each others and so on. Spanish people are so lively and bons-vivants and it’s contagious :-)) Check out: El Tapeo, If you go please try their “pulpo a la gallega”, the best we had!

Why I liked Tarifa and I will definitely go back and why it would make a good remote work spot?

14 km from Morocco

The ferry leaves right from Tangier to Tarifa a few times a day and it only takes 30-40minutes to get there. Hence again: why I never set foot in Tarifa before? Well, better late than never right?

Amazing beaches

The beaches in and around Tarifa are some of the most beautiful beaches in Spain. But be careful, it’s windy as hell. It’s not a kitesurfing mecca for no reason.

Great value for money

Spain is already more affordable that most European cities, and Tarifa is even cheaper. The Southern part of Spain was the most affected by the economical recession. It’s almost aligned with Moroccan prices. One of the reasons why it would be a great digital nomad hub.

Sunny days

The weather is very similar to Morocco’s. It still gets many warm sunny days, even in the winter.

Not your regular touristic city

Unlike Costa del Sol, (favourite destination of Moroccan jetsetters) Tarifa is not overrun by tourism. People mostly come to enjoy the beach, the sun or adventure sports. Proof of it: No Mcdonald’s or any chain food logo whatsoever!! It still gets crowded in the summer but mostly with kite surfers. I guess prices do increase during high season but it would still be better than Costa del Sol.

International crowd

Tarifa is compared to Byron bay for kitesurfers, so it draws adventure sports enthusiasts from all over the world. A lot of interesting encounters and inspiring stories in perspective!

A plethora of hype coffeeshops

One of the biggest surprises I got! You know my love for well decorated coffeshops, and trendy healthy beverages. Well, there was a cute café at every corner of the old part of the city, with all things smoothie bowls and barista lattes and I just want to try them all. Plus, they make a good work spot for digital nomads and remote workers.

Bohemian vibe

The atmosphere is very relaxed and similarly to restaurants, don’t expect to find high street fashion stores. Clothing shops are mainly local bohemian beach brands (that I would love to support) and surf pop up stores. People in the street are all dressed in carefree way, there were even people walking barefoot.

I’ll let you discover our walk in Tarifa streets in pictures. Enjoy!


Hello windy!



xo xo Dalal
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  1. Nour

    40min du Maroc et je n’y ai jamais mis les pieds 🙁 triste

  2. Deea

    I fell in love with Tarifa the second I set foot there, too! It gives you this warm feeling of freedom, peace and “joie de vivre”. I’m always longing to return there..

    • JustDalal

      I am even considering moving there 😀

  3. Mary

    I have only visited a few places in Spain and have been wanting to go back. I will definitely add this to my list! Your pictures make the place look like a wonderful town to get lost in.

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