Last winter outfit of the season: Men’s sweater and flowy dress

Mar 12, 2017Fashion, Style6 comments

This will probably be the last sweater outfit, the weather has been great in here recently and I can’t wait to wear lighter outfits.

This sweater is stolen from my husband’s wardrobe ?  I like the contrast of this chunky masculine piece with the feminine flowy Polka dress and my boho fringed & studded bag. The dress is from an old collection of Sud Express. 

Tomorrow we are going to Mehdia beach. I will document it all on Instagram stories

I hope you are having a great weekend.



“Each leaf, each blade of grass vies for attention.Even weeds carry tiny blossoms to astonish us.”- Marianne Poloskey, Sunday in Spring 

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  1. Aska Wolf

    I so love it all! Combining summer skirts or dresses with grillon socks, men’s chubby sweaters, fringes. Great one!


  2. Ana

    Love the bag!

  3. Nour

    J’ai reconnu le musée, na na nére 😀
    Sinon dis moi d’où est ce que tu as pris tes bottes, j’en cherche désespérement avec un petit talon et je n’en trouve pas 🙁

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