Summer series: Thoughts about 90’s trends

Jul 25, 2016Fashion, Style6 comments

Hello lovelies,

Being a tall girl in the late 90’s was a tough business. The trends were all about cropped and weirdly shaped clothes. I literally had to cut the hem stitches on the bottom of my jeans so they can fit. I am so happy we are back to long vests, flowy tops and boyfriend cuts. I find them more flattering for women figures. Honestly some 90’s trends incorporation in current fashion are really not bad, but I don’t recall the 90’s fashion as being tasteful at all.

I am curious, what is the worst 90’s trend you had to endure?

This said, I wanted to introduce one of my biggest thrift finds, this long sleeveless knitted kimono, that adds a bohemian chic dressy vibe to any outfit. This can be either a beach outfit, or an urban outfit somewhere warm obviously. Yes I am still projecting myself in an island life, and hey I am lucky I live in a coastal city at least.

I am obsessed with straw baskets this year,  this week-end I learnt how to make pompoms and tassels to upgrade mine.

Neutral beach outfit 5


Neutral beach outfit 3

Neutral beach outfit 9

Neutral beach outfit 1

Neutral beach outfit 6

Necklace: Agatha

Top: Zara

Shorts: American Eagle

Long sleeveless kimono: Thrifted

Sandals: Just Call It Spring

Straw tote: local craft store




  1. Angela Philemon

    Looking much comfortable than the others. 🙂 Need this


      They are, I really recommend them. Plus affordable 😉

  2. Mary Alvarez

    You pulled it off! I’m a Nana so it’s not for me! But my granddaugters would look awesome in it.


      haha hi Mary, you can pull off whatever you want, beauty is in confidence and you seem to have plenty <3

  3. Kristina

    The sandals are amazing! love the whole look 🙂


      Thank you Kristina <3


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