Balzac Paris jumper: French country outfit

Jan 12, 2018Fashion, Style

Bucolique: bu-ko-li-k’. adj. French word for all things relating to the pleasant aspects of the countryside and country life.

… Exactly what Urt inspired me.

Urt is a small village in the French Basque country, part of our roadtrip from Morocco to Biarritz. It was a welcomed break after our hectic Spanish adventure. I blame it to age, but I enjoy quiet environments and nature more and more everyday, and the Basque countryside is oh so beautiful:  Incredibly green prairies, lakes, cute country houses, trees, cows and sheep. It all looks surreal and so perfect. Omar my husband is truly convinced it’s the village where they shot “the Teletubbies”… yeah it’s that surreal! I can’t imagine how green it would be during Spring.

Obviously, we took our time to walk in beautiful parks, gather for front lake drinks during sunset and just live by the country pace for a while. It felt so good!

This particular park where we shot the pictures is called “parcours de santé”, literally the “health course”. It’s basically a fitness trail where the locals do their joggings #MyFitnessTrailIsBetterThanYours.

Bucolique girl style

Style-wise, I bought this cute midi floral skirt in my Madrid thrift shop tour,  and it was the perfect opportunity to rock it. I paired it with my Balzac Oedipe sweater.

Do you remember Balzac? I introduced the brand to you guys here! it’s the one that made want to throw all my clothes away…

The sweater is a bit pricey but I promise you it’s worth it. The quality is amazing (cashmere and merino wool) and it holds up really well. Even in the hands of people known for their washing machine accidents like me. Balzac is the perfect brand to invest in quality affordable basics, because 130 Eur for a timeless cashmere sweater IS still affordable. It’s the kind of clothes that you could pass on to your children. And you know how I love supporting independent brands rather than fast fashion mainstream corporations. If we are friends on Instagram, you probably already noticed that the sweater is a staple in my winter wardrobe.

Sweater: Balzac/ Belt: Shein /Skirt: Thrifted in Madrid/ Sneakers: Converse / Basket bag: Moroccan souk / Sunglasses:Vintage

Sweater: Balzac/ Belt: Shein /Skirt: Thrifted in Madrid/ Sneakers: Converse / Basket bag: Moroccan souk / Sunglasses:Vintage

xo xo Dalal
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