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Jan 29, 2018Life

Yeah I like to play it short on the deadlines, posting 2017 highlights on the 29th…

The first thing I noticed is that my editing skills went a long way, and I got a serious visual identity crisis. It’s my journey and I love every part of it. A lot of people discouraged me from starting the blog in the summer 2016, apparently nobody reads blogs anymore. I am so glad that I did anyway and got to share bits of my life with you. Thank you so much for taking the time and sharing my journey. So here is a monthly recap of 2017. Crazy year for me and a huge shifting point in my life!


An amazing Eurotrip with my mom and my sister. We started in Paris, then Berlin, then Malmo and finally Copenhagen. I still need to publish the Malmo guide, it’s one of the articles that are 90% ready to be published but somehow still not. People think that I am crazy to travel Europe on January, but I love it. It became a tradition, I spontaneously crave European cities in the cold. The year before, the blog didn’t exist yet, we went to Rome, Berlin and Amsterdam. I have some pretty good shots from Rome, so I’ll maybe curate a guide someday.


Our lives were  stressful weekdays at both our jobs Omar and I, and weekend escapes at the beach or the countryside where I usually shoot content. I also got a buckle belt that is a staple in my wardrobe, you probably saw it on repeat many times.


We spent a Sunday in Mehdia! And while it seems like nothing for some, it was the first time I went there. And it’s such a shame for someone living 20min away…


It’s heartwarming to look back at what a typical Saturday looked like when we lived in Rabat. This is where I started enjoying those lifestyle posts better than outfit posts. They are the ones I prefer reading on other blogs and they feel more relatable. I also posted one of my favourite go-to recipes requested on Instagram: Coco chia pudding.

Satuday in rabat


What a month! My life’s turning point… I quit my corporate career, turned 30 and got a longboard for my birthday…


My first paid collab on the blog, I had so much fun shooting this longboard session and I was still wearing rookie protections. Hihi!

Solid case


Spent at the beach house, here is what a typical day looked like, I can’t wait to go back… I also got my second and favourite longboard: Boardup.


That was the first time I did a slow roadtrip in Morocco, between Esaaouira and Marrakech. We shot a ton of video footage and I’m still waiting for Omar to edit it (Poke Omar!). We also had a job with Riad Jaaneman, we shot this video for the guest house and we’ll probably continue this service in the future.


We started our Morocco to Biarritz roadtrip on September. Spain is an amazing country for a roadtrip, so many things to see and the landscapes are very diverse. We visited: Tarifa, Ronda, Pueblos Blancos, Seville, Madrid, Cordoba, Urt, Bayonne, Biarritz, Sitges, Barcelona.


We got back from our roadtrip and it was time to organize the content. I was a little bit disappointed because I couldn’t work during the trip at all. We will organise our time better for the next ones, but it in the same time we were traveling with friends and it’s hard to plan properly when in a group. I just decided to let go and enjoy the trip. I only have Biarritz, Sitges and Barcelona left to post.

Perfect timing before our next travel…

We also moved to Bouznika and spent the month furnishing and fixing the apartment.


I had a collab with Riva fashion that we shot in Chefchaouen. It was Omar’s time to shine because they asked for a video. We came up with the “Moments in…” concept that we will continue for every travel we will do in 2018.


I couldn’t believe that the year was about to end. In the meantime I was so happy to spend the rest of it cozying in our new nest. The year ended beautifully with a raclette dinner.

I hope you will continue this journey with me, 2018 I will focus more on video and get out of my comfort zone to do it consistently. Wishing you all a wonderful evening.

xo xo Dalal
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