Friday mood: Fall coziness, stranger things and miso paste

Nov 10, 2017Journal

Fall coziness in our new home sweet home

I am so happy to catch a glimpse of fall before our trip, temperatures are finally dropping and I can enjoy gigantic mugs of tea, hearty food, movie nights and snuggly blankets.I hardly want to get out, especially when I am just coming back from a trip, so that’s just perfect. And what a great way to celebrate our new apartment! We just finished the basic furnishing and it’s now starting to feel like a home that we would look forward to come to after each adventure. Would you like me to do an apartment tour in pictures? It’s still not finished, but a house is a non-stop work in progress, and I would to thrift some additional vintage pieces to wrap up the decor. Finding treasures requires time, you can not simply order them from a Swedish catalogue unfortunately 😉

I crafted a wishlist collage for the occasion, those are the things I am currently looking up online… cozy to the max!


VOD: Stranger things

I know, I am a year late at least… but I didn’t feel like watching the show while it was hyping last year.

I usually only watch shows that have at least two seasons, so I can enjoy more of it in case I like it. Consequently, when season 2 of stranger things was released I finally decided to give this it a try… and it’s awesome! I love the style of the show, the universe is very Stephen king-like and  the children actors are amazing. Oh! and Winona Ryder made a come back with a pretty decent performance to add to the nostalgia of the whole thing… who else embodies the 80s/90s better than her?

I am really into the new mini-series format, they feel like movies with a deeper connexion to the characters. I am tired of being tortured by series like walking dead and game of thrones, that seem to never end and constantly play with our emotions with cliff hangers, sadistic twist plots and filler episodes. In stranger things, each episode is meaningful with the right dose of mystery, action and characters development, and most importantly there is a cohesive plot and an actual beginning and an actual end of the story. Of course with just a little bit of something at the end to make you crave the next season.

I can’t wait for a season 3 by the way…


Stranger Things Eleven Birthday Card



Source: Pinchofyum

I brought a pack of Miso paste from my last trip in Europe and I’ve been enjoying making miso soups and miso stir fries a lot recently. It’s salty, savoury and very healthy. I love versatile bases that I can mix with whatever I have at home, I usually don’t follow a specific recipe, but here are some that could easily inspire me. Otherwise, since we don’t eat a lot in the evening, I just make a simple miso soup with Shiitake, black mushrooms, rice noodles, fresh ginger, garlic, a little bit of dark soy sauce and honey.





Miso is made of fermented soy beans and a small amount of rice or barley, so it’s full of proteins. I have already tried white miso and I honestly prefer it. Red miso is a lot stronger and a little bit bitter and acid, because the soy beans are fermented longer. But make no mistake, it’s still delicious. If someone can tip me of where to find it in Morocco, I’d be eternally grateful.

You can find miso paste in all Chinese grocery stores, health food store or on Amazon: here.


Just got back from beautiful Chefchaouen where we shot a video in collaboration with Riva fashion.

I am currently working on our next big travel and I’llet you know of the destination as soon as I get the flight tickets.

Upcoming post

Roadtrip (suite) :Pueblos Blancos – Spain


xo xo Dalal
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