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Aug 15, 2016Home, Style11 comments

Hi guys, I want to share with you today some pictures from my very secret “beach house” inspiration board on Pinterest.

No offense for home designers, but I feel like anyone can be a home designer with Pinterest now 😀 You got it, I love Pinterest I can spend hours scrolling if I’d let my self.

Ok, it doesn’t really teach you how to manage contractors or lead a construction site but it surely improves your sense of aesthetics and gives you direction about your style, avoiding the eclectic messes you can end up with when you don’t have a clear vision about what you want.

Some pins from my board:

I hope you will like my selection, I will soon show you some pictures of the few changes I made in the beach house.



Front beach outdoors Boho Outdoors beach lounge Beach house inspo

Front beach outdoors


Blue sectional sofa
Beach dining room Rattan hanging chair Beach bathroom 2 Beach bathroom

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  1. candy

    There isn’t anything I don’t like in any of these pictures. The colors, all the wood tables, pillows everything is to my liking.


      Oh Thank you so much let’s hope the makeover is worthy of the pictures <3

  2. Walter

    Wow. Lovely. I would love some holidays which is weird when one is on blogging sabbatical.


      Thank you Walter a beach house is a blessing indeed :p

  3. Meghan McAllister

    Now I want a beach house! Especially one with a hammock. Great post.


      Thank you Meghan, I am looking for a way to hang the hammock too <3

  4. Arlett ( Chasing Joy)

    I love how bright each of these rooms are. I love to bring the sunlight inside.


      Thank you Arlett <3

  5. Sofia

    OMG I’m in love 😮

  6. Océane

    Waouh, I just knew your blog and I fall in love with this article!
    I’m french and I’m a new surfer girls on blog :p Not really surfer, windsurfer exactlly 🙂 on
    Thanks for your inspiration, it’s a great post!!


      Thank you so much, I am always glad to meet new sea lovers <3

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