Diaries: A beachy Sunday in August

Aug 9, 2016Life4 comments

I decided to add a diary type of posts, where I can write spontaneously what I did in the week-end for example and share random thoughts and pictures. I think it will help you knowing me better and get me closer to my readers. I hope you will enjoy it.

Here an overview of a typical Sunday at the beach house:

After a hearty breakfast, we started the day with a walk to Skhirat beach near L’Amphitrite hotel for a swim, it is a 3Kms (x2) walk on the beach that I enjoy a lot. We try as a couple to do daily walks in order to debrief our days, daydream and have proper conversations without any distractions. It is also good for the body circulation and a gentle workout, especially that I am still not done with my back problems.

The water was ice cold but we had a lot of fun.¬†In the summer, the only way to enjoy the beach is to go early in the morning before 9AM/ 10AM after that the beach is very crowded. Usually we try to have a sporty activity on Sunday… but again back problems ūüôĀ

We returned back home and showered, then the beach went oddly gloomy. London gloomy, it was weird and it remained until 3 PM. Since we couldn’t enjoy the beach nor the terrace, we decided to go out for lunch and try a new Japanese restaurant in Harhoura: Konichiwa. The decor was zen and the food fresh and delicious I really recommend it. The curry was amazing with a lot of flavor.

I also wanted to try a caf√© with a wonderful hipster industrial decor that reminded me of Canggu caf√©s in Bali. But I was really expecting to be disappointed as the menu didn’t look appealing the first time I passed by. The caf√© is called Onze and it is located in Harhoura as well.

I ordered a sorbet to stay on the healthy side and my husband tried the corne de gazelle and the safran ice cream. Let me tell that I regretted my healthy choice right away, the corne de gazelle ice cream was disturbingly amazing it’s like eating a corne de gazelle (which is a Moroccan almond ¬†cookie) but in an ice cream texture. It’s genius, why nobody thought about it before? The safran ice cream was delicious as well, it tasted like natural safran, I wouldn’t imagine making an ice cream out of it either. My husband being the best, exchanged my sorbet with his ice cream. The caf√© also have black wheat galettes that I am very eager to try. I am coming back for sure!

Once back home, the fog has finally disappeared. I squeezed fresh oranges and we chilled at the terrace. I checked some new travel blogs on the Ipad for an hour. In front of the house when it’s high tide there is a little natural pool where you can freshen up, so we did that. It is really hard to work on the weekends when there is a beach in front of you and everybody is having fun, but I gathered my strength to sit and work until sunset.

A little coffee break to enjoy the sunset session, then it was time to cook dinner for the night, lunches to go for Monday and overnight oats for the week.

Have a great week!


Le husband walking




Hat: Zara

Top: Stradivarius

Jeans: Levi’s

Shoes: local craft store

Necklace: local craft store

Bag: Etnika store









Hat: Zara

Embroided blouse: Unisa





With love.


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  1. Sara Syrett

    Your photographs are beautiful and I would love to spend a day at the beach like this!

    • dalal.yagoubi@gmail.com

      Thank you Sara <3

  2. Sarah | DelighttheDetails.com

    Such a cute outfit! I love learning about peoples lives and seeing what they do in on a daily basis. Thanks for sharing!

    Sarah | DelighttheDetails.com

    • dalal.yagoubi@gmail.com

      Me toooo that inspires me a lot. thank you for your comment <3

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