Friday mood: energy balls, Nigella Lawson and eggs Benedict

Dec 16, 2017Journal, Life


You are exactly where you need to be

Sometimes I need to remind my self of what I’m preaching. While I always manage to stay positive and make the best out of any situation, I struggle with impatience. And impatience leads to frustration which is absolutely non-productive. I think I should read “the surrender experiment” once again… to set myself into the right mindset and learn to let go!


The eggs Benedict chez Paul…

Living out of the city makes me really enjoy eating out when I can. It’s no longer the weekend go-to option when I’m too exhausted from my week to cook.


Instagram added a great feature, you can now follow hashtags and stay up to date on your favourite topics. Since a lot of my posts are not always visible due to the non-chronological algorithm, I thought I’d add the hashtag #justdalal to all my future posts. So don’t forget to follow the hashtag. If you can’t see the new feature, just go to your app store or playstore and update the Instagram app.

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Nigella Lawson

Ok definitely not my kind of cuisine! If anything, her recipes are all I avoid for a healthy body and mind. But she’s my Christmas guilty pleasure. She could easily be Santa’s wife. Nigella embodies the spirit of the holidays: coziness, indulgence, pleasure, and a beautiful lively home with the seasonal decor and lighting. I rewatch her Christmas serie every year! Apart from her persona, the show itself is amazingly shot and I love how she puts a context for every recipe, making it more of a lifestyle blog than a soulless cooking show shot in a studio. Unfortunately, this year my husband burst my Christmas bubble when he told me that her home is probably a studio set too… I refused to believe it, then I googled it and it’s true! The TV production spent a fortune to make a reproduction of Nigella’s home on a studio set. One of the downsides of knowing people in the production business, they ruin all the magic. So I just decided to ignore it and continue to believe that Mrs Lawson invites me in her home every Christmas.


They are gooey, nutritious and a little bit acid because of the apricots, which I love!

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