Friday mood: Decluttering & spirulina cure

Mar 17, 2017Journal, Life

Spring cleaning

This weekend I am planning to declutter my wardrobe and my belongings. While I am very cautious about what I buy and bring to my home, I still need to declutter periodically. Things that were useful and dear to me six months ago may be useless now, due to a change of lifestyle or mood.

I will probably end up doing a garage sale to find a new home to my pre loved items.

I am don’t define my self as a minimalist, but I certainly promote the mindset behind it. Some people take it to the extreme though, having nothing but a futon to sleep and wearing two white shirts and a pair of jeans on rotation.

I can do a blog post about the subject if you are interested, I follow a lot of awesome minimalist bloggers. Travel bloggers and International people in general, have the same mindset, you can’t afford to own a lot of stuff when you are constantly moving, so you just keep things that matter.

Marie Kondo’s book –> helped a lot to set me in the right mindset as well. it’s an awesome book. It’s up to each and everyone to take the best out of it and leave the rest.


I started a spirulina cure, I chose the tablet form this time. I used to mix spirulina powder with my smoothies, but I had to drink green smoothies only, otherwise my smoothie had a brownish not appealing colour. If I notice any changes during the cure, I will update you on the blog. I take it mainly as a protein and vitamin supplement, since I don’t eat a lot of meat and dairy.

Spirulina is a natural seaweed. Being a superfood, it’s high vitamins A, B1, B2, B6, E, K. It’s also high in protein and has anti-cancer and anti-aging effects. Adding to that, it’s very good for the skin, so can I say that I am a beauty blogger now?

Weekly YouTube crush

Meet Sarah Loven, a blogger and content creator. How awesome is this campaign? I can’t believe it’s an ad for a mattress? It’s feminine with a rock’n roll edge and I love the soundtrack! It takes a lot of creativity to make a mattress sexy…


I am still doing the 30 days yoga revolution challenge with Adrienne. And I added an intense pilates routine(at least intense to me). It’s a program by Heather Dorak, one of Victoria’s secret trainers.

Have a great weekend, you already know what I am planning on mine. As always, I will do a quick stop at the beach and maybe surf a little who knows?

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