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Jan 25, 2018Life

Remember a while ago when I did a partnership with RhinoShield solid phone cases? I had so much fun shooting the longboard session. Well, RhinoShield actually recommend me to its new sister brand Kroma for a collaboration. I love when this happens, not only RhinoShield was happy with our partnership, but they are now vouching for us.

…So today’s post is a collaboration with Kroma phone cases.

Kroma cases

To join the Kroma phenomenon, you just have to invest in a frame once! After that, you can buy as many additional backplates as your heart (and budget) desires for 15USD. Being it now, or few months after, once you get tired of your phone case design. Our smartphones are now a huge part of our daily lives, so better suiting them up as well! It makes a statement and shows a bit of your personality through your phone. You can still get cheap cases for 5 USD, but know that they are toxic and not durable. Take my Rhinoshield for example, it’s still as brand new even after many (many, many!) accidents! While if I bought a cheap case I would’ve changed it at least three times since then. Kroma have the same quality and premium feel. They are also though without being bulky or masculine, for all you clumsies out there like me.

Obviously I had to go for the folk flavour collection! I chose the Berry Crumble and the Popcorn. The popcorn design reminds me of Moroccan zellij (tiles), I love it!

The most important quality of Kroma cases apart from the designs, is that they are BPA free. For those who don’t know what I’m talking about, BPA is an industrial chemical that can transfer both orally and via the skin. It may lead to infertility and  heart diseases! I don’t even want to think about babies and toddlers nibbling on phone cases that contain BPA! Yes they all bring our phones to their mouths, so be careful!

Kroma folk design: Berry crumble

Kroma Folk design: Popcorn


I am actually running an Instagram giveaway with Kroma, so go there and join us! Unfortunately it’s only for Iphone users, sorry android and windows users! There will be two winners, so go and take your chances wherever you are, because they ship worldwide. It’s nothing acrobatic like some other giveaways we see on Instagram, I promise.
I also have a discount code for you, in case you are not the lucky winner of the giveaway.
Code: justdalal
Discount: 10%
Available till: 22nd February

Onze café

In case you are wondering about the location, this post was shot at Onze café in Harhoura (near Rabat). It’s one of my favourites, mostly because of its amazing vintage industrial design. They specialise in crepes and galettes, I usually take their Khlii & eggs (Moroccan preserved meat) galette bretonne for breakfast. I know it’s an improbable food fusion, but it works perfectly. I was also amazed by their ice creams and sorbets two summers ago, but I am afraid that their ice cream quality decreased. In an ideal world, I would have them hire a good barista to make soy latte art (and probably then move to Harhoura and have my daily coffee there :p).
I talked about it in this article in 2016: here. Wow! 2016 seems like ages ago…

The book

I was reading The Time Traveler’s Wife by Audrey Niffenegger. I am still going through it, I’ve been such a bad reader recently. I tend to read the most when I’m traveling or at the beach house. Still, it’s a very moving story from where I read . I can’t tell until I finish, but it seems like a good conversation starter to bring over a party or a dinner. It reminds me of “P.S I love you” in a sense. At the beginning, I thought that it would be a science fiction oriented story, but it’s more of a romance. An easy read for those lazy summer days! It’s also filled with heated scenes, so don’t give it to your children in their summer break 😀

Combat boots

Otherwise I need to talk about my new combat boots! I’ve been living in them recently. I feel like they elevate the style of any outfit, and most importantly I feel so badass when I wear them. They perfectly suit my current lifestyle, I don’t get to wear a lot of girly shoes at the beach you know! (and I don’t want to).  Outfit details below in the last picture.

Sleeveless trench coat: Riva fashion/ Jeans: Levi’s / Bag: Riva fashion/ Combat boots: Pantanetti

xo xo Dalal
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