Five reasons to go to the beach in the winter

Jan 10, 2017Life6 comments

Hello lovelies,

This year, for the first time in a while, I betrayed the party girl in me and spent a quiet new year’s eve at the beach. Surprisingly, I really enjoyed it, the only thing I blame my self for, is not going to the beach in the winter anymore. I took my first surf lessons in the winter, and I used to come every Sunday. So, here is my first non-resolution/resolution of the year (cf my new year’s note) #IAmNotAComplicatedWoman #YesIAm IT’S NEVER TOO COLD FOR THE BEACH and here is why:

#1 Deserted beaches

If you don’t like fighting for an umbrella spot, or if you just don’t like people in general… go to the beach in the winter! It’s almost deserted, except for a few courageous surfers, new cuddly couples and dog walkers. It’s also quiet and very peaceful, no loud foot-ball players, nor creepy harassers who act like they are discovering woman kind for the first time, nor over excited children. Just the sound of waves, wind and seagulls. If you layer enough clothes, you can enjoy exceptional meditation sessions without any distraction whatsoever.

#2 A clean landscape

Because of point #1 you have almost no chance to see a piece of garbage. The beach is at its purest and cleanest version. Sad but true! No people! No garbage

#3 Long beach walks

Because the beach is peaceful and quiet and you can’t really swim, it’s the perfect opportunity to take long walks and get the blood flowing in your body. It’s also a good way to warm your self. Have those deep philosophical conversations, or make your new year’s resolutions. If you are lazy in the winter like me, it can be your gentle weekly workout as well.

#4 The best sunsets

I find that winter sunsets are the most beautiful. If the weather is not cloudy,  you can witness magical cotton candy skies and fire like sunsets. And hello golden hour!!! For pictures and time lapses lovers ?

5# After beach hot drink

A good excuse to indulge on a creamy hot cocoa or any other warm drink. Cold weathers call for warm drinks right? Whether you grab a cup in the nearest café or at home after these long beach walks. It’s the best!

PS: I stole my men’s shirt again… click here to check the previous thievery action!

xo xo Dalal



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  1. Jehanne Azmi

    LA CHANCE !!!! On se contente de la Seine à Paris -_-“


      hahaha! Je m’en contenterais bien aussi de la Seine 😉

  2. Skinnyjeaans

    That last reason is temting :p


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