Friday mood: What was once in the deep is now in #TheShallows

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Movie crush of the week: “the Shallows”

Okey! A shark-fighting movie is not he best idea to motivate yourself to surf more…

But when I saw the trailer, I was immediately hooked! Blake Lively is drop-dead gorgeous as a surfer girl. She naturally has this cool-California-sexy vibe and she was very believable as a surfer. Her jewelry collection in the movie is stunning! Adding to that, the drone scenes of the pristine beach are incredible , the whole visual quality of the movie is great, especially the colours. Those were reasons enough for me to appreciate the movie.

The movie plot itself was pretty decent. Nothing genius about it, but it kept me focused and a bit stressed the whole time. Isn’t that exactly what a thriller movie is supposed to do? Note that most of the movie was carried by a Blake Lively alone on a rock… so, Bravo! An attractive version of Tom Hanks’s “Cast away”.

The few surf scenes were really enjoyable. I would have easily believe that it was Blake Lively herself who surfed those perfect waves. 19-Year-Old Pro Surfer Isabella Nichols did a good job miming the actress movements while stunting the surf scenes.

I won’t say more… if you’re into paradise sceneries and latest Rip Curl collection, go watch it!

Surprisingly, it gave me major wanderlust! I love beach/island/surf movies, no matter how scary they are. No shark movie can affect me more than “Soul surfer” anyway… for it is based on the true story of the athlete Bethany Hamilton!! I also believe that no shark or predator would want to eat a human so bad, that it circled the same spot for over 48h! (lol!)

Surf report

Husband and I geared up and went to the beach on Sunday, hoping for a cool #backtosea session. But it was flat as a crepe, we ended up paddle boarding. On Wednesday, hoping to steal a before-work session at 7.00 am… the water was chaotic, the waves too big and a lot of current. We went back home obviously… When we watched the news later, we were glad we came back home instead of going in just for the sake of commitment. So “Back to the water” resolution is still pending…


Best winter tea

My ideal relaxed day always starts with a big mug of Yogi tea and a magazine…


Those of you who watch my Insta stories know how I love my Yogi tea. The tea is organic, the blend is delicious and the whole yogi universe is very inspiring. There is an affirmation or a quote on each tea bag. When they are relevant to what’s happening in my life, I share them in my Insta stories (#yogiteawisdom). I love checking their tea blend recommendation for each need or time of the day, accompanied by an asana (yoga pose). I think they are doing an impressive marketing job on their website. They even have the recipe of the original yogi tea blend… <3 love the non-capitalistic Marketing approaches that don’t shove products into the customer’s face.

If you want to know more about yoga, you can download their beautifully illustrated guide here:

Yogi tea booklet

Best yogi tea winter flavours:


Being outside in Rabat

As the temperature begin to warm, I want to be outside.  Watching sunsets, walking in the streets of old Medina, exploring my neighbourhood and enjoying conversations around coffee. It’s always tempting to stay cozy at home, especially when you are running a blog and constantly get new ideas, need to edit pictures etc…  But being outside, especially in the nature instantly puts me in a good mood and increases my creativity. It’s also an opportunity to step up out of my routine and have deep and long conversations with the people I love.

Fresh juice heaven

A little shoutout to a cute juice shop in the Medina. If you want a fresh fruit juice blended in front of your eyes for a starting price of 5 dhs(0.5 $), find this guy! There are a lot of cheap eats in the Medina, but the hygiene is not always on the menu. I always go for the ones where I see the food prepared live in front of me.

The shop owner put the extra effort sorting his fruits in cute baskets and set up a coffee table, some chairs and a lot of plants for a cozy atmosphere. A real Linchpin!

That day I went for a strong mix of orange, grapefruit and ginger! Exactly what I needed after a long walk…

Ask for Hariri! The shop is located, somewhere here near the falafel shop in the picture below (yes they are cheap too and really not bad):


While wandering the streets of the old Medina, I found a secondhand book store. I spent at least twenty minutes going through old books and magazines, I love the smell of old paper (weird!). I finally bought this book for 2 $, a great coffee table book that you can read while having breakfast, the pictures are stunning and the content is rich. The book is in French, but you can still enjoy the amazing architecture and design pictures. There are also DIYs and explanatory sheets to make your place eco-friendly. When I read about the chemicals present in the paintings in our homes and even our cleaning products, I want to run away and seclude myself in a jungle. 

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  1. Aska Wolf

    Great read babe. I enjoyed movie much. Yoga, ginger tea are my must as well!


  2. Nour

    J’aime beaucoup ta chemise/blouse.
    J’ai une app que je voulais partager avec toi depuis un bon bout de temps, avec pleins de recettes sans glueten/vegan comme tu les aimes: HappynGood. Je ne sais pas si tu l’as connais?!

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